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Surgical operations must satisfy three basic conditions: the wound must be inflicted without pain; haemorrhage must be prevented or arrested; and the wound must heal.

It is especially the ability to ensure wound healing, by means of aseptic treatment, and the provision of safe and effective anaesthesia for the patient that gives impetus to surgery at Palmars Hospital. The necessity for asepsis and quick post surgery healing regulates the conduct of our surgeons.



Adopting operating modalities that prevent breaches in aseptic techniques,  minimizing patients preoperative stay time, preventing the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), using best in practice surgical methods and materials, post-operation parenteral antimicrobial prophylaxis,  appropriate surgical wound and incision management and incisional pain management in the post-operative time period are clinical imperatives at Palmars Hospital.



Our theatres are fully equipped with resuscitation apparatus and the manpower to wade through any surgery. Hence anaesthesia and close monitoring of patients receive a lot of attention by the management as we consider human life too vital to be taken for granted. An average of eight (8) surgeries are undertaken by the surgical team weekly. Plans are on-going to expand our scope of surgeries to include cardio-thoracic, and neurosurgical interventions. Experienced surgeons will be engaged and recruited to do these surgeries.

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